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Lublin Super Session 2012

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22 maja 2012, 11:57

Lublin Super Session 2012
Lublin Super Session 2012 will be surely the most spectacular bike event in Poland this year. It will be held as usual and for the third time in Lublin Bike Park. The contestants will appear in... więcej
Lublin Super Session 2012 will be surely the most spectacular bike event in Poland this year. It will be held as usual and for the third time in Lublin Bike Park. The contestants will appear in the most spectacular sport events MTB and BMX. Slopestyle which in Europe and in the Word draws to the competition several dozen thousand people seeking the most spectacular tricks on wooden and ground obstacles. Dirt, where perfect ground obstacles cannot be an excuse to present fascinating tricks. BMX Racing, where this year’s Olympians from London will compete with these contestants who are just trying to qualify. World-famous stars of the dirt jump/slopestyle scene, such as Sam Pilgrim (UK) or Big Daddy (USA), will help the rest of the competitors to present tricks they have been recently working on, so as not to stay behind. The whole event will be held at specially designed and prepared for such kind of events, fenced area of 11 hectares with a parking space. Divided into logically labelled sections so that even the casual viewer could feel at home. The track itself is in Poland the only wood and ground Slopestyle with 2 lines and a line of huge dirts. Dirt park with 4 lines (about 30 obstacles), and in Poland a unique one, as approved by UCI – International Cycling Union – the track for BMX racing (an Olympic Sport since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games). Another thing that could not be missed is fashionable in the cycling circles Pumptrack which will be fully lit. Among these responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the facility are the best riders in the city, such as the Polish Champion of Skatepark Riding, namely Gabrys Sobkowiak, who was cycling on MTB. We are doing our best year by year to make the event more interesting and attract even a greater number of spectators. More contestants, more excellent pool of prizes, international stars of the Dirt/Slopestyle and BMX scene, concerts, amateur contests, equipment tests or cycling mini fair are just some ways of adding to the success of the event. To make the audience get the feeling of mtb stars, there will be also competitions especially addressed to them. For advanced riders there will be a possibility to challenge the gravity force at the small, safe Slopestyle Line during the amateur competition. For those who wish to get the feeling of Olympic discipline – the racing at the BMX Racing Track will be organized, and for the rest and the young ones – competition at the perfectly shaped Pumptrack. Facility characteristics BMX RACING TRACK At present, BMX Racing is dynamically developing cycling discipline. In 2008 it became an Olimpic Games event. This year in London, we will have our own Olympic representatives. The track is prepared with the idea of the top rank competition, designed according to the rules and requirements of the International Cycling Union (UCI). The facility is prepared to host both the elite contestants and other categories. It is technically demanding, possesses optional ride tracks, being safe at the same time. SLOPESTYLE TRACK Slopestyle has been enjoying record popularity for several years. The appearance of FMBA consisting of competitors promoting this spectacular sport has sped its development. Several dozen thousand people come to admire the most outstanding tricks shown on mtb bikes in Austrian Leogang, German Winterberg, Norwegian Hafjell, French Chatel or in Canadian Whistler. DIRT TRACK Dirt is for a trivial reason a discipline characterised by the greatest popularity among contestants– „relative ease” of building ground heap obstacles on their own makes it more accessible for young Riders, than exacting huge Slopestyle constructions. In every city, town or even village, on a closer look one can find characteristic ground constructions, on which a large group of riders perfects their skills. We went on to build a 4 line track, with about 30 obstacles, which are not only typical dirts, but also cradles, stepups or hips inspired with the most interesting constructions of this type seen on X-Games or Dew Tour competitions.

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