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Port Crane

31 marca 2023, 08:57
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Port Crane Quayside Container Crane Overview The quayside container crane is a special lifting equipment for loading and unloading container ships at the forefront of container terminals. Its design and manufacturing comply with international general standards such as FEM, DIN, IEC, AWS, and GB. Quayside container cranes are mainly composed of electrical control system, steel structure, machine room, main lifting mechanism, trolley operating mechanism, cart operating mechanism, boom tilting mechanism, trolley assembly, maintenance crane, tilting mechanism, and cabin protection device And other necessary safety and auxiliary devices. The main hoisting mechanism, trolley operating mechanism, boom tilting mechanism, and large vehicle operating mechanism all adopt the unique technology of full digital AC frequency conversion and PLC control speed regulation, which is flexible in control and high in precision. It is also equipped with special spreaders for single-box and double-box containers of various specifications and optional mechanical or electronic anti-sway function. The main product specifications are 35t, 41t, 51t, 65t. Features 1. Vector frequency conversion speed control, torque balance control technology, CMS intelligent service management system, real-time monitoring of the operating status of the equipment; 2. Electric energy feedback technology, flexible and intelligent box and lock pin technology, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient and efficient; 3. Optional intelligent optimization control technology for operation trajectory, automatic and semi-automatic control technology; 4. Multifunctional tilting cabin protection system, optional electronic anti-sway system, good anti-sway effect, safe and reliable; 5. The front girder can realize the 80-degree pitch function, which is convenient for ships to enter and exit the port; 6. Various safety measures such as strong wind alarm and safety dynamic scanning are complete.Port Crane website:


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