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Diverse Culture

Stella Turner 
2 sierpnia 2021, 10:21
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Do you know what multiculturalism is? This text will help you understand this topic and tell you which country is the leader in multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism defines the principle that several cultures can coexist peacefully and equitably in one country. The United States of America is one of the best examples of multiculturalism. It consists of people from different ethnic backgrounds including Asian, American Indian, White American, African American, Native Hawaiian, etc. Multiculturalism has plenty of benefits. The fusion of several cultures creates better ideas for new technologies and cultural development. It enhances national unity by promoting cultural understanding and eliminating racism. Moreover, it boosts creativity. For instance, if a country does not appreciate multiculturalism, the citizens would be alike with regards to different beliefs and actions, whereas multiculturalism inspires people to think differently. Thus, it helps to develop the American culture into a distinct level.

Currently, however, some of the minority groups of America are facing different problems due to their racial backgrounds. This racial oppression is often visible to the communities of African Americans, Asians and other ethnic groups. For instance, according to a report, African Americans are directly targeted and punished in a much more aggressive way than white or people of the other races, which is ethically not correct. In my opinion, as an American citizen, everybody has the same rights, so law enforcement department should act in the similar way irrespective of races and ethnic background.

The research shows that 80% of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) stops Latinos and blacks comparing to whites. A similar kind of situation takes place in the other cities of the United States including California, Los Angeles, etc. I believe that by stopping dark skinned people, police department is breaking the human right laws, because each American citizen has the same and equal human rights, whether he or she is white, Latino or black.

Another report shows that Asian Americans are often openly denigrated by perpetrators in schools, universities, and sports events. A recent report shows that a UCLA student posted a video “Rant against Asians” that went viral in the American society. A U.S. born basketball superstar “Jermy Lin” was insulted several times by the U.S. media due to his Asian ethnic background. I think all these situations are quite miserable and depressing. Also, it is ethically and morally incorrect to disrespect one’s culture.

In my personal opinion, it is extremely productive and beneficial to have a multicultural society in the United States. First of all, American cultural blending creates greater respect to each other’s culture. It helps to make an interesting, tolerant and diverse society. In such society, immigrants play a significant role in shaping cultural landscape. As a result of American multicultural society, new generations are becoming more tolerant and open-minded to the society. Secondly, multiculturalism in America teaches Americans to follow fruitful aspects of foreign traditions, culture and its different perspectives. It helps people to share ideas with each other. As a result, American intellectual and economical development is growing every year. I think this course helps me to understand all these supported aspects of multicultural society.

The current knowledge of the multicultural dimensions of society has taught me various new aspects of multiculturalism. I have learnt that it shapes cultural diversity and creativity. It teaches me various traditions of foreign cultures, such as the Chinese New Year, African American’s Kwanzaa, Indian Diwali, etc. These international festivals bring unity, peace and light in American society. Also I have learnt about different foreign cuisines and gestures to show respect to each other. However, I would like to learn more about the religious beliefs of foreign culture including Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Nevertheless, I would like to learn more about the historical and geographical background of ancient American emigrants.

About the author:

Stella Turner is a freelancer at She loves to write works on different topics, because she reads a lot of different books, her works are always interesting and filled with complex and rare words. You can find them at the service we mentioned early, and more information on how to write a scientific paper, articles, and reviews.


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