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2K was unable to manage the weaknesses

2 sierpnia 2021, 05:24
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The archetype system isn't fulfilling its primary purpose. It's still not balanced, and I believe that there are more powerful built today than at NBA 2K22 MT any time in the past.

2K was unable to manage the weaknesses and strengths of each build. This is the most important problem. A center who's over 7 feet tall, weighing 270lbs and weighs over 7ft shouldn't be able to outrun a guard across the court in the transition.

Point guards have had a difficult time proving themselves to be active builds over the last two years. Being a point guard isn't an advantage. The higher speed of a Point Forward build is not that significant. A Point Forward has an increase in ceiling than an average point guard.

I would like to have 2K Sports address archetypes by Buy MT 2K22 creating builds that have particular strengths and weaknesses. A center which isn't big enough can move fast, but not be able to be able to protect more well-known players.

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