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Oregon Man Forgot Jackpot-Winning Ticket for A Month

29 października 2020, 07:04
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Oregon Man Forgot Jackpot-Winning Ticket for A Month

An Oregon Lottery player unknowingly carried around a ticket worth $5.7 million in his wallet for a month after he "simply forgot about it." Luckily, he remembered in time to claim the incredible prize before it expired.Get more news about 包网公司,you can vist

Portland resident Christopher Sargent and his wife Gabrielle purchased the lucky Oregon's Game Megabucks ticket while shopping at the Plaid Pantry, located at the corner of N. Greeley and Rosa Parks Way in North Portland.

A month later, Sargent, who regularly buys tickets at the store, was there again and suddenly remembered the ticket.Fortunately, it was still safe and sound (earlier this year, another Portland player who'd kept a Megabucks ticket worth $8.4 million in his wallet nearly saw his money go down the drain after he accidentally put it through the laundry).

"The clerk wasn’t sure what I’d won but he said, 'It looks like you need to go to Salem," Sargent told Lottery officials.

Back at home, Sargent checked the numbers again himself and verified that he had indeed hit the multimillion-dollar jackpot!

Keeping in mind the Lottery's advice to store winning tickets securely, Sargent came up with a unique place to stash it until he could claim the prize. "I put it in a baggie and hid behind an Incredible Hulk action figure," he said. "I figured it would be safe there."

The couple visited Oregon Lottery headquarters in Salem the next day to collect their amazing win. They chose to be paid an annual annuity over 30 years, and will each receive $64,600 a year after taxes.

The Plaid Pantry will be paid a 1 percent bonus of $57,000 for selling the winning ticket. It's some well-deserved good luck for the retailer, which suffered a devastating fire in July 2018.

"What might have been considered by some to be an 'unlucky' store, has now become our 'luckiest' store," Jonathan Polonsky, CEO of Plaid Pantries Inc., said. "Congratulations to the winner from our over 700 Plaid employees." The bonus will be put back into the stores and staff members, Polonsky confirmed.


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