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WOW Classic Free Character Transfers for Realms is now available

29 października 2020, 05:37
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WOW Classic Free Character Transfers for Realms is now available

Since there are no paid services in Classic to move characters between realms or factions, players were hesitant to roll on new realms announced after WoW Classic's launch, as they'd essentially be starting from scratch and losing their character's progress. With free character moves available, you will be able to continue playing your character, just on a new realm. There's still a fear, of course, that you'll move to a new realm which turns out to have a small population, leading your character to be stuck on an empty realm.To get more news about Buy WoW Items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Transferring a character to a new server typically costs $25, so players who might wish to move to a server with smaller queues would currently have to choose between a fairly steep cost and starting a brand-new character if they wish to do so.

At the beginning of the free role transfer service, these new servers are only open to players who use free role transfer. Players with successful role transfer can create new roles on the new server. Blizzard will move gradually within 24 hours after the free role transfer service is turned on, in addition to the limitations of creating new roles in these servers. This is to give players who use free character transfer more chances to keep the name of the transferred character.

However, please note the following restrictions: Players in the above server can perform free role transfer on the character selection screen or the queue screen. Blizzard expects the free role transfer service to remain open this week. At peak times, free role transfers can take up to several hours to complete. If the transfer server reaches full capacity, the free role transfer service may be closed at any time. We strongly recommend that players who wish to use this service do so as soon as possible, especially those who wish to transfer with friends.


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