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Must-know tool of forex trading!

29 maja 2020, 09:20
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Must-know tool of forex trading!

WikiFX EA cloud host is the first cloud server tailored for forex trading. With preinstalled MT4 and MT5 trading software, the cloud host uses a remote Windows desktop to operate multiple EAs of forex traders in 24 hours. At the same time, WikiFX shield system released with the EA cloud host together will also be installed to perform real-time detection and analysis of EA data.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit WikiFX news official website.   According to the data, EA's global market share has reached 31.5%with a steady increase.Compared with manual trading, EA trading has obvious advantages.   First, EA trading can run instantly within 24 hours, so you dont need to spend too much time and attention on the market. Second, EA trading can detect price changes and place orders more quickly; Finally, EA trading can help you avoid emotional fluctuations and trade more rationally. All the advantages indicate the future trend of EA trading.   After seeing the trend, traders should try to avoid the shortcomings of EA trading, which is processed in a stable operating environment and network environment. Power outage or network disconnection will cause interruption of trading. So WikiFX EA cloud host comes into being. Through the double models, WikiFX EA cloud host and shield, traders can enjoy a better trading environment to invest and analyse data in 24 hours.   02   Powerful system performance:   Each WikiFX EA cloud host is independent and has exclusive hardware, so it is not affected by any environmental factors; with excellent hardware configuration, the EA cloud host provide a stable operation under a stable network speed; After repeated debugging by WikiFX team, the cloud host can operate over 20 trading software linked and provide investors with more investment options.   03   Network advantages:   WikiFX EA cloud host network has covered 10 countries and regions including the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, and America etc.. The WikiFX team selected the 10 best performing ones out of 100 nodes worldwide by tens of thousands of tests, providing investors with a better trading experience. According to the distribution density of global brokers, the 10 nodes are chosen in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Washington, London and Dubai, covering more than 90% of global brokers. Due to the network advantages of EA cloud host, the average speed of investors order is 0.2 seconds faster than others. In addition, the EA cloud host has exclusive broadband to ensure stable network speed, and the execution speed of EA strategies can be about 5% higher than others.   04   Keep your data safe:   The EA cloud host is exclusive to a single person, and the investor has an independent trading environment. In addition, the preinstalled WikiFX shield of the EA cloud host can also monitor and protect the investor's trading system in real time, with an early warning function.   The most important thing is that WikiFX also created a cloud disaster recovery mechanism with a ratio of 1: 1, which means that each user has a spare EA cloud host to ensure that investors EA trading can continuously run in 24 hours a day.   The preset modular and pluggable structure can meet the diversity of future functions and different needs of investors.   Complete the registration in four steps and start using it in 1 minute without complicated registration process. Traders can experience the WikiFX EA cloud host immediately. In addition, WikiFX EA cloud host can be operated simultaneously at PC and mobile phone, and all information is available at any time. Investors can log in the cloud host at WikiFX APP by one click after linking. Without opening MT4 / MT5 or EA cloud host, you can view account information through your mobile phone.   In the WikiFX APP, investors can view account information at any time, including total assets, net assets, available margin, floating profit and loss. In addition, investors can also view the position, transaction records, transaction costs, transaction speed etc. in their trading account whenever and wherever they like.


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