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My weight loss story

24 lutego 2018, 17:03
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Do you wanna know how did I lose 25punds? Sport, sleep and eating healthy. But there is much more about it

I was overweight at one point in my life. Once, I wore size 38 mens. Now I wear 28. I cut all the unnecessary sugars and fats and started to eat more fruits and vegetables and less dairy products, meat, white and carbohydrates. I drink water, tea or soda. I also learned that sparks cardio your body’s ability to burn fat. I also exercised daily at the same time. I never really like watching TV or staying long in one place so I never had a big problem with inactivity. I now have six pack abs, toned arms, and the hardest time finding pants that do not cost too big. It takes dedication and determination and self-control. If you can say “I do not really need what I do” or “What’s it do for me” or “Do I really want to do that to my body?” When you are environment and a desire to put down the junk food, then you will still be taking another step towards a form souhaitable.Il Just stay motivated and determined. Try to keep a mental picture of how you want to watch over how you if you do / dont do what you need.

would really like to hear your stories of success for weight loss. Especially if you have found a way to do it in five weeks. Maybe it will motivate me so I’ll have my own successful journée.Par a fact, when I lose weight, I almost melted off. Like, I can lose 4 pounds a week if I just cut out the sodas. Would be 12 pounds in 3 weeks is going too far, even if I try? Or should I include as three a week? 

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